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The Science of Sound

The Science of Sound

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In this unit, children expand their concept of energy by examining sound. This unit complements the study of another common form of energy – light, which is addressed in Unit 2: Light.

Sound is a phenomenon that can be observed, measured, and controlled in various ways. Understanding that sound is caused by vibrations helps children when they explore how sound travels, how the human ear is designed to detect sound, and how certain factors can modify the sound produced. The varying abilities of humans and other animals to detect sound is also examined, which, in turn, leads to discussions about the necessity of protecting one's sense of hearing. By investigating materials to ascertain whether they transmit, absorb, or reflect sound, children learn how these characteristics influence a material's function. Children also explore the role of technology in extending one's ability to produce, transmit, and detect sound.

This inquiry-based unit ties into Grade 4: Science: Unit 3: Sound

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