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All About Trees

All About Trees

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*Unit Overview:

In Kindergarten, an investigation of trees capitalizes on children's curiosity about the world around them. Having children make observations of trees, including their seasonal changes, throughout this unit will complement this study of basic parts and uses of trees. This unit should be used as theme throughout the year so children have an opportunity to observe trees through each season. Some learning experiences are more appropriate to one particular season; others should be repeated in different seasons.

*Includes everything needed!!! (Except for the school supplies of course)

You do not have to purchase any textbooks, workbooks, or other resources. Everything you need comes in this unit and meets all Manitoba Curriculum outcomes for Kindergarten Science - Unit 1: Trees.

*Digital download* - There is no waiting for your order to arrive. You can download it immediately after your purchase! Please note, you will only be able to download this one time so please download it onto the device you will be using when using the unit.


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