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Specialized Spelling/Writing Assessment

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Spelling/Writing assessments provide feedback on the skills, processes and knowledge resources that represent writing abilities. Writing assessment has great power to guide parents on how to support their child's writing goals. Assessment practices can significantly benefit the learning environment.

This assessment allows us to:
  • Identify the writing abilities of the child.
  • Observe and identify the child's written strengths and needs.
  • Connect assessment to instruction. 
  • Guides my delivery of high-impact writing instruction for children in my reading groups.

Each writing assessment takes approximately 60 minutes however, some may be shorter and some may take longer.

Assessments are completed in-person or virtually. *If you have a preference, please note that in the comments section of your order or email us at

You will receive a comprehensive summary and suggested spelling/writing plan to support your child with their writing goals.

Please note, we are unable to diagnose learning disabilities.

*Price per assessment is the lowest in Manitoba not because our teacher is not qualified but because we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to receive a quality education without financial challenges interfering.*

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