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Living in Canada

Living in Canada

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In this unit, children will develop an awareness of Canada by looking at its national, provincial, and territorial symbols, important monuments, and celebrated days. Children will also learn about government, democracy, power and authority, and what it means to be a Canadian citizen.

Learning about living in Canada will help children to develop a sense of belonging and enhance their understanding of citizenship in Manitoba and Canada.

Children enhance their awareness of Canada by examining various aspects of government, leadership, and power, including concepts related to citizenship and democracy. This unit includes a focus on national, provincial, and territorial symbols, monuments, and commemorative days.

This inquiry-based unit covers Grade 4: Unit 2 - Living in Canada

*Includes everything needed!!! (Except for the school supplies of course)

You do not have to purchase any textbooks, workbooks, or other resources. Everything you need comes in this unit.

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