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Diversity of Living Things

Diversity of Living Things

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Unit Overview:

In this unit, students develop an appreciation of the diversity of living things. Students study a variety of classification systems, and construct and use their own as well as those developed by others. In doing so, they recognize the advantages and disadvantages of classification systems in organizing information. The animal kingdom provides a specific focus with students investigating different types of animals to understand where they fit in the classification of living things. Students compare and contrast the adaptations of closely related vertebrates living in different habitats, and the adaptations of vertebrates living today with those that lived in the past. Students learn about the contributions of individual scientists who have increased our understanding of the diversity of living things.

*Includes everything needed!!! (Except for the school supplies of course)

You do not have to purchase any textbooks, workbooks, or other resources. Everything you need comes in this unit and meets all Manitoba Curriculum outcomes for Grade 6 Science - Unit 1: Diversity of Living Things

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