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Analog Clock Tags

Analog Clock Tags

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These super cute clock tags are a must have for children who are learning to tell time!

Simply print, laminate, cut out, and tape/"Tac N Stik" to the wall around your clock (or on your clock) to help your children learn how to properly tell time! I have included the labels "o'clock", "quarter after", "half past", and "quarter to" as a stand alone rectangular label to add to the side of the hexagon numbers or under the appropriate digital representation.

There are two options to choose from. Please see sample images for reference. The sample image is an example of how you can display your tags around your clock.

If you would like me to customize tags to match your home décor, send me and email me and I will make one specific to you and your décor!

Like what you see? Leave me feedback! I am constantly looking to improve my items!

 Please enjoy, and email me if you have any questions!

*Digital download* - There is no waiting for your order to arrive. You can download it immediately after your purchase! Please note, you will only be able to download this one time so please download it onto the device you will be using when using the unit.

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