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With the right foundation in:

~ Reading

~ Writing

~ Confidence Building

~ Math

~ Science

~ Social Studies

Your child can grow up to be the artist, astronaut, doctor, or architect that they hope to be!

Get the Right Curriculum
  • I want to be a Baker!

  • I want to be an Architect!

  • I want to be a Teacher!

RtK's Vision

Release the Knowledge (RtK) understands that families come from all walks of life and we are accepting and respectful of everyone that joins our family. We are building connectedness between children, families, and educators. 

RtK provides services and products with an Indigenous focus, that are relevant to the 21st century, guiding children through all aspects of their life; physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, and emotionally through fun and engaging learning opportunities. 

RtK is changing the lives of learners one at a time, by giving children their power back to release the knowledge inside themselves in order to reach their fullest potential. 

By creating fun, student-led, engaging, complete curriculum units, and full-year curriculum bundles, children want to learn, get excited about learning, and have success in learning.   

By building our educational community, Release the Knowledge will continue to bridge the gaps between education and learners and foster a healthy walk on the path towards reconciliation. 

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RtK's Mission

Release the Knowledge is saving the future of education in Manitoba by bridging the gap between education and learners. Children are the key to the future; therefore, we must invest in them today.

Invest Today, Save Tomorrow

We Are Changing the Education Paradigm!

Land Claim Acknowledgement

We are located on and benefit from the original lands of Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene Peoples, in the Birthplace of the Métis Nation, and the Heart of the Red River Métis Homeland. We respect the Treaties that were made on these territories, we acknowledge the harms and mistakes of the past, and we dedicate ourselves to move forward in partnership with Indigenous communities in spirit of reconciliation and collaboration. We also acknowledge that we receive our water resources from Treaty 3 Territorities and Hydro Electric Power from Treaty 5 Territories.

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Taanishi! Hello!

My name is Janna. I'm an Indigenous, Red River Métis woman, and a proud Canadian. I am a teacher, wife, and homeschooling mother of two amazing boys.

I believe “education is the new buffalo” and I'm dedicated to teach and inform others on how my people and my First Nations ancestors, who once sustained themselves on the Buffalo must now sustain themselves through education.

I'm passionate about education and my goal is to continue changing the current education paradigm. I enjoy sharing the knowledge I've learned throughout my life with others and I'm dedicated to helping homeschooling families, teachers, and the community, foster and support educational growth and success.

I enjoy volunteering within the Métis community as an elected Executive (Chairperson) of Seven Oaks Métis Council in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I graduated from the University of Winnipeg in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education, majoring in Indigenous History and minoring in English.

I look forward to meeting your educational needs!

"Education is the New Bison"